The UFC is a mix of the world’s most brutal fighters and most effective martial arts including kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, muay thai, karate and judo. If you are looking for a sport that offers the best full contact competition available today, then look no further. 

UFC Betting Options

Take a look at our UFC betting tips and previews to get a great overview of the upcoming matches, but before you do make sure that you know which bets are popular amongst fans of the game.  

Head to Head Bet

As in most sports the most common type of bet in the UFC is the Head to Head bet. This is where the punter chooses which fighter they believe will win the match. If you like to see your fighters in action before you choose who to bet on then you can choose the Live Betting option, which allows you to pick the winner shortly after the match begins. This is particularly useful if you want to see your fighter’s mentality, physical form and movement before making a decision.

Total Rounds

For fans of the game who understand the intricacies of their fighters and how they perform in a match, the Total Rounds bet can be very rewarding. This type of bet involves the bookie picking the number of rounds they believe the match will last and then the punter choosing whether they believe the fight will finish before or after this number of rounds. 

Method of Victory

There are a lot of different ways that fights can end in the UFC world, which is why one of the wagers that can really keep you on the edge of your seat is the Method of Victory bet. This bet allows the punter to choose whether the fight will end by decision (split, unanimous, majority), draw, KO/TKO, or submission. This type of bet can be very rewarding if you know your players and their fighting style. 

Double Chance

If you want to put your skills to the test, then the Double Chance bet allows you to predict the winner and choose two methods of victory. If the fighter wins by either of those you face a big payout.

Will the Fight Go the Distance?

If you believe you know if fighters are likely to fight it out till to end or finish early through KO or submission, then this bet type allows you to choose which outcome you believe is more likely. 

About UFC

Around since the 1990s, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has grown into the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. With twelve weight divisions and events throughout the year, the UFC offers regular chances to wager on your favourite fighters. The UFC presents an exciting competition, plenty of stats and some of the best fighters in the world, making it one of the most popular sports for punters to get involved in.

UFC Tips and Betting Previews

When betting on a UFC match it is vital to know your players. Take a look at our UFC tips and betting previews to get a detailed background on upcoming matches and which players are more likely to come out on top.  

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