Tennis is one of the hottest games in the world right now, with intense rivalries on both the men’s and women’s sides, lasting champions and new upstarts ready to take up the mantle as the world’s next great. As a game that’s played all year round, it is also one of the most popular sports amongst punters, with plenty of statistics to sink their teeth into and analyse before they place their bet.

Tennis Betting Options

Before you take a look at our tennis tips and betting previews, make sure that you know what wagers are available. Below is a list of some of the most popular bets for long term fans of the game:

Match Result

The Match Result bet is a simple and popular wager that allows punters to pick which player they believe will win the match. Very popular in Grand Slams where the winner is never certain and the odds can be very rewarding. 

Game Handicap 

If you want to bet on the underdog but aren’t sure that they can beat the favourite then you might want to consider placing a Game Handicap bet. This evens out the odds on the match by specifying that the favourite must win by a particular amount of points. This means that even if the underdog loses, as long as they don’t lose by more than the specified points the punter will take home the profit. 

Set Total or Game Totals

If you don’t have a strong desire to bet on a winner then a popular bet is trying to predict the total number of sets or games in a match. The bookie in this case will set a number, like 10 games, and the punter will guess whether there will be more or less in the set.


Outright or Future wagers are bets on which player will win a particular tournament. These are simple, exciting options with some of the biggest payouts in tennis if the punter gets it right.   

Accumulators or Parlays

Accumulator or Parlay bets allow punters to wrap multiple bets up into a single wager that pays better odds than if each one is selected individually. Perfect for punters who want to beef up their reward.

About Tennis 

Tennis was invented as a high-brow sport for England’s rich in the 1800s. Today it is played all over the world by some of the best sportspeople in the business. Tennis is a popular game amongst punters because of the consistency of yearly events. The four main tournaments played throughout the year are the Grand Slams, the Australian Open, French Open, Winbledon and the US Open. Between these players also get involved in numerous smaller tournaments to keep their ranking. This means that no matter what time of year it is, there is a tennis match to watch and make a few bets on.   

Tennis Tips and Betting Previews

Tennis wagers are all about understanding the players, historical matchups and match statistics. This is why we provide detailed breakdowns of the upcoming tournaments, to give our punters the information they need to place a wager and enjoy the game.

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