With almost 300 million players worldwide, there are very few games that get the blood pumping as much as soccer, which means that there’s also very little that’s more exciting than placing a wager and watching the drama unfold.

Soccer Betting Options

As the world’s most popular sport there are plenty of betting options available to punters: 

Match ResultSon Heung-min

The simplest and most popular betting option for soccer fans is the Match Result. This bet allows punters to choose to place a bet on one of the teams to win, or for the game to end in a draw. 

Draw No Bet

For punters looking to protect themselves from the chance of a draw there is the draw no bet option available. This means that they can back one of the teams to win and if the game ends in a draw their stake will be returned to them.

First Team To Score

If you’ve done your homework and think you know which team will put the ball in the net first, then the first team to score wager is perfect. Not only is there a chance of reward if you get it right, but it also keeps those first moments of the game exciting. 

Correct Score

For punters who believe they know their game well can choose to pick the score at the end of the match. The payout can be big if they choose correctly. 

Half Time/Full Time

If you want to keep yourself on the edge of your seat for the whole game then you are unlikely to choose a better wager than the half time/full time bet. Letting you choose which team will win the first and second half individually is a flexible and exciting option for fans of the game.

Soccer Leagues and Major Events

With roots in European and even Asian history, soccer as we know it today developed in England in the middle of the 19th century. As the biggest sport in the world there are a mass of local and international events to get involved in and place a bet.

The UEFA Champions League in Europe currently holds the title as the pinnacle of annual soccer in the world. Fielding the best clubs in Europe, and some of the best players in the world, it is a riveting event that provides ample opportunity to place a bet. While it might hold the title as the most watched league, it is by no means the be all and end all of soccer in Europe, which includes the Nations League, Europa League and English Premier League. 

Other major competitions include the red hot South American League and rising star Asian Champions League. If you want to bet on something a little closer to home then Australia’s A-League is a good place to start.

Soccer Tips and Betting Preview

If you’re ready to place a bet then take a look at our soccer tips and betting options for some great details on upcoming games.

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Matchweek 38   Brentford ($2.30) vs Leeds United ($2.80)…

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Matchweek 37   Tottenham ($1.33) vs Burnley ($8.50) –…

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Matchweek 36   Liverpool ($1.44) vs Tottenham ($6.50) –…

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Matchweek 35   Newcastle United ($7.50) vs Liverpool ($1.40)…

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Matchweek 34   Arsenal ($2.10) vs Manchester United ($3.40)…

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Matchweek 33   Tottenham Hotspur ($1.53) vs Brighton &…

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Matchweek 32   Everton ($4.33) vs Manchester United ($1.80)…

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Matchweek 31   Liverpool ($1.11) vs Watford ($19) – Saturday…

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Matchweek 30   Aston Villa ($2.87) vs Arsenal ($2.30) –…

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Matchweek 29   Brentford ($2.10) vs Burnley ($3.60) –…