There is only one thing more exciting than sitting in a crowd of fans as they back their favourite team, placing a bet and then doing just that. Wagering on your favourite team or player has been around as long as people have been clashing on the sporting field, and luckily today we have a cornucopia of information at our fingertips to help us make the right decisions at the right time. That is why we have some of our best write regular sporting tips and betting previews to help our punter make smarter, more informed decisions when placing a bet. 

What are our sports tips and betting previews?

Placing a wager is as much about knowing the game, the players and the history as it is about backing your favourite team. Smart punters don’t play with just their gut feeling to guide them, but rather get as much detail on the upcoming game as they can before they put some money on it.

BlueBet sport tips and betting previews provide a detailed overview of the upcoming matches, giving our dedicated readers some extra information on the ins and outs of the game. Our betting previews provide an overview of the match including details like player performance, team cohesion, rivalries, injuries and chances of winning, while our sporting tips give our punters recommendations on where to place a bet for their best chance of making a return on their investment.   

Most popular sport tips and betting previews

While we have a wide range of sports that we follow and report on, some of our most popular sport tips and betting previews include:

Rugby League

Rugby League is one of Australia’s biggest games. Whether you are a fan of the NRL or just get involved in State of Origin our rugby league tips and betting previews will provide you with the information you need to make a smart wager.

Rugby Union 

If you are a fan of the local Rugby Union competitions or like to watch Australia go head to head with some of the best teams internationally, BlueBet has some of the best tips and previews available on the market today.


Undeniably the world’s most popular game there are hundreds of premier soccer games played every single year to place a wager on.


Whether you are watching the NBA in the states or getting involved in the NBL closer to home, BlueBet has some of the best Basketball odds and most exciting markets available online.  


Cricket is a favourite of the Australian summer, we love to watch our best compete in the Big Bash or take to the international circuits and line up against our biggest rivals. 


Intensely physical, with some of the toughest sportspeople in the profession, AFL has some fantastic betting opportunities and even better rivalries to get the blood pumping. 


Played throughout the year, with one of the world’s premier competitions right here at home, tennis has grown into one of the favourite sports for punters to get involved in. 

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