AFL is one of Australia’s greatest games, featuring some of the world’s best sporting rivalries and offering exciting chances throughout the season to place a wager on your favourite team. 

AFL Betting Options

Before you take a look at the AFL tips and betting previews, it is important to know what the different betting options are to maximise your chance of taking home the gold. Some of the most common betting types in AFL are:

Top 8 Wager

For those interested in long term wagers, hoping to keep their season as exciting as possible, the top 8 wager is a fantastic choice. This type of bet allows punters to choose which teams they believe will make the top 8, paying out if they chose the right teams for the job. 

Premiership Wager

Another long term bet, the premiership wager is a great option for punters who believe they know which team will win the premiership at the end of the season.

Wooden Spoon

While you might not be sure which team will win, maybe you think you know which will come last. In that case the wooden spoon wager is a great option for you.

Head to Head

Head to head betting is one of the most popular options in the AFL market. It is a simple bet where punters choose the winner of a match.

Half Time/Full Time Wager

Similar to a head to head wager, the half time/full time bet is a wager on who will win the first half of the match and then the second, giving punters better flexibility if they believe one team might be stronger out the gate, while the other will win the match.

Line Bet

Line betting is intended to even out the odds of a match. It works with the bookmaker handicapping one of the teams, meaning that they have to win by more than a certain amount of points to be considered the winner of the match.

Exact Margin

One of the more difficult bets to get right, exact margin betting is a wager on a team to win by a certain number of points. While more difficult to win, it also offers better odds.

Biggest AFL Events to Wager On

Played since 1896 the Australian Football League consists of 18 teams spread over Australia’s various states. The main season in AFL consists of 23 rounds and pits the teams against each other over the course of seven months. The season starts with a pre-season, the premiership and a finals series, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to place a bet on your favourite teams. 

Aside from the main season there are also a number of featured matches to take a punt on. The most exciting of these is arguably the ANZAC Day Clash between Collingwood and Essendon, which make for some great opportunities to get rewarded if you make the right choice. 

AFL Tips and Betting Preview

Take a look at our AFL tips and betting previews for some great opportunities for placing a wager and taking part in this year’s exciting games.

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