Sandown Park Greyhound Track Information 



Sandown Greyhounds is located in Springvale, Victoria and is arguably the top Greyhound track in Australia. Sandown features state-of-the-art facilities, equal to any sporting facility in Australia. Spectators at the track can either watch the races in fully enclosed, air-conditioned comfort inside or from the modern facilities in the Henry Harrison grandstand. All Sandown race meetings are broadcast to Sky Racing and the gates generally open at around 7pm (6pm in Winter) on Thursday race nights and 2pm on Sunday race days.

Sandown is one of two metropolitan tracks in Victoria and currently holds mostly city grade racing. The venue currently holds meetings on Thursdays & Sundays as well as some special events. The track surface is sand, has a circumference of 440m and races currently take place over the distances of; 515m, 595m, and 715m.


Sandown plays host to a handful of the top events on the Greyhound calendar each year, including Group 1 events; Melbourne Cup, Sandown Cup and the Shootout. These events are some of the most prestigious of the year and can boast some of the largest prize pools. The Melbourne Cup boasts the title of the most prestigious racing event on the calendar and holds a prize pool of over $1.2 million. 


Unlike many other greyhound tracks, Sandown only holds three track records, all of which have been set in recent years. A list of the Sandown track records can be found below;

Distance Time Greyhound Date
515m 28.94 Hooked On Scotch 22/11/2019
595m 33.63 Dyna Double One 28/01/2016
715m 41.16 Here’s Tears 30/01/2020


Sandown plays host to a number of the top Group 1 races each year, including Australia’s most prestigious greyhound race, the Melbourne Cup. Hence, the honour roll at Sandown is very rich, with some of Australia’s greatest Greyhounds securing wins at this famous track in some of the top races. Some of the notable past winners at Sandown include; Dyna Double One, Dyna Tron, Ando’s Mac, Irma Bale and Bekim Bale. 


Over the years, Box 1 has proven to be by far the most successful trap for greyhounds racing at Sandown. The box has generally performed at around 22% strike rate in recent years, one of the best percentages in the country. Boxes 7 and 8 have generally been the worst performing boxes in recent years, with both boxes averaging a strike rate of about 7-10%. This is most likely due to the narrow track and quick first turn.

Winning % by Box Number

Year Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4 Box 5 Box 6 Box 7 Box 8
2019 22% 16% 15% 11% 10% 11% 7% 7%
2018 21% 16% 12% 10% 11% 12% 10% 9%
2017 23% 18% 12% 11% 12% 10% 7% 7%
2016 22% 17% 16% 9% 10% 7% 10% 9%
2015 22% 14% 12% 12% 11% 10% 7% 12%